For New Freshmen

Space in First-Year Japanese (J1100) Reserved for New Freshmen

More than two-thirds of the space in beginning first-year Japanese (Japanese 1100) is reserved for new freshmen. Even though the course looks full on MyZou, freshmen will be granted admission to the reserved space. New freshmen who wish to take beginning Japanese should send an email to the coordinator of the Japanese Studies Program for a "permission number" that will allow them to enroll in the class on MyZou, even if the class appears to be full.

New freshmen may reserve space in first-year Japanese (Japanese 1100) even before Summer Welcome. Just send an email to the Japanese Studies Program Coordinator with your request to be included in the course. The coordinator will respond with the necessary information to complete your reservation for space in the class.

The Japanese 1100 course is designed for Freshmen and requires NO previous background in Japanese language. Students with previous experience knowledge of Japanese should contact the course coordinator for information on how to proceed.


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