Two students win stipend for future study abroad

Patricia Lupu

Patricia Lupu was selected to receive $1,000 from the GRS Department to aid her summer study abroad and advance her German skills. Patricia is a senior German and Biology dual major. Patricia will graduate next spring, and she is currently on the pre-med track.

Patricia said she wants to study abroad because classroom courses at MU teach grammar, but it’s difficult to practice German language skills in a country that speaks entirely English. She said she wanted to increase her fluency and experience Germany from her own perspective, so she chose to pursue studying abroad.

Her essay for the stipendium centered around her campus life: She is a peer advisor for biology, a teaching assistant in the chemistry department and a tutor at the Learning Center.

As a pre-med student, Patricia said being fluent in German would make her a more diverse candidate for medical school. Working with people, especially in a different country, would allow her to see different points of view that she may not get by always residing in the states.

While taking science and math courses, studying German allows Patricia a way to express her creativity. Taking classes with fewer students and more interactive activities helps her “let steam off.” She said the German faculty are caring, compassionate and flexible when it comes to tackling German assignments alongside biology assignments.

Alyxander Kalleberg was awarded $750 for study abroad from the GRS Department because of his impressive application. Alyxander is from St. Charles and will graduate in May 2022. He is a math and German dual major.

Alyxander wants to work for NASA, which has close ties to German engineers and mathematicians. Germany is well known for its technological innovations in the field of space travel, and while working for NASA, Alyxander would be working on global projects with people from all over the world.