Huichun Liang

Huichun Liang
Assistant Teaching Professor
455 Strickland

Governors State University, US Illinois, MA, 1999, major: English Literature.
Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University, China, BA, 1983, major: Chinese Language & literature.

Since I came to MU in the Fall of 2010, I have taught various Chinese Language and Literature courses. I have taught Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese I, Advanced Chinese I and II, Chinese Poetry into English, and Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature courses. Before I came to MU, I taught Chinese Language and Literature in various Universities in America. When I was in China, I was an editor and reporter of the China National Radio Station of PRC, and I received a special award for reportage on the Terrible Forest Fire on Da-Xing-An Mountain in 1987 from All-China Journalists Association and was a co-winner of the award for the “1987 Best Annual News-Editing” from the China National Radio Station of the PRC. I am interested in English to Chinese translation, and or Chinese to English collaborative translation. I am also interested in Chinese creative writing, mostly in prose.

Recent Publications: 

Creative Writings

“人在路上 (On the Road),” prose, Xihaidushi Daily, 1/9. 2014

“坐看瓜熟时 (Watching the Melon Ripen as I Sit),” prose, Gansu Daily, 1/7, 2014

“有南瓜灯和糖果的季节 (The Season That Has Jack O’Lanterns and Candy),” prose, Yanzhao Evening, 10/23, 2013


on the no road way to tomorrow, co-editor and translator. Virtual Artists Collective, 2009.

Two Southwests, Virtual Artists Collective, 2008. Co-Translator of  poems by Li Nan, Yang Xiao Yun, Liu Chun, Huang Fang, Ran Zhongjing, Patricia Goodrich, and Kenneth Hada.

新诗品 (New Poetry Appreciation, Kunming-Chicago Poetry Group, Volume 1), translator of Deborah Nodler Rosen, “6 Poems,” Nina Corwin’s “5 poems” (Chinese translations from English), Yunnan University Press, December 2007.

Li Nan, Small (collection of poems, co-translated with Steven Schroeder), Virtual Artists Collective, 2007.

Chinese Idioms, Flower Publishing House, China, 1999, co-author with Zhanjing.