Michael Volz

Michael Volz
Associate Teaching Professor of Chinese, Coordinator of Chinese
420B Strickland

MA, East Asian Studies, Stanford University 

Research Interests: 

I am generally interested in U.S.- Chinese cross-cultural interactions at both the personal and organizational level. I am particularly interested in how the religious and humanitarian activity of American Christians in China is limited (or not), by Chinese governmental institutions.

My dual interests in Chinese language and culture and the pedagogy of language instruction were galvanized by the two years I spent as an English language instructor at a college in Sichuan Province in China in the early 1990’s. After earning an MA in Second Languages and Cultures from the University of Minnesota, I taught ESL in the U.S. for 8 years, during which time I also made frequent trips to China, both as a teacher, and as the director of an English language camp in China.

I earned an MA in East Asian Studies at Stanford, with a focus on Chinese Language, and moved to Missouri in the Fall of 2005, where I served for a year as the coordinator of the International Teaching Assistant Program at MU, before beginning as Chinese Program Coordinator and instructor in the Fall of 2006. Since that time we have managed to expand the program to allow students to study up to 3 years of language on campus.  I also began bringing students to China for a study abroad program in Deyang, China in 2008.  Recently, we merged that program with the business school study abroad and have brought 30 students each of the last two years for a faculty-led study abroad program in China.   

Frequently Taught Courses: 
  • Chinese Civilization (Chinese 2310)
  • Elementary Chinese (Chinese 1100)
  • Chinese Film and Society (Chinese 3380)
  • Negotiating Chinese Culture (Chinese 3400)
  • Intermediate Chinese II (Chinese 3160)
  • Chinese Traditions and Global Integration (Chinese 3300)